Introducing brendaPRO!

A powerful and easy-to-use front end job manager application for the Brenda render farm software.

What is brendaPRO?

brendaPRO is a GUI desktop application that makes life easier for 3D artists managing render jobs using the Brenda/AWS software.

Tell me more!

brendaPRO will run on Linux and OSX (as does Brenda). It will operate like a front end overlay to the user's existing local Brenda installation, and will work by communicating with Brenda and also with AWS directly via their API.

Wait, back up, what is Brenda?

Brenda is an awesome, open source, render farm software project developed by James Yonan.

Here is James presenting the Brenda software at the 2013 Blender Conference a few years back:

Brenda allows artists the ability to render their Blender stills and animations on the servers of Amazon Web Services directly instead of paying for a third party render farm service. You only have to pay for the actual hourly rental cost of the AWS servers without a markup!

You can learn more about the Brenda project on our forum at

Ok, that's interesting, so I can save a little money with Brenda?

Actually, it's even better than that! Brenda is the only AWS tool for Blender that currently allows users to rent a server via Spot Market pricing.

With Brenda, the cost of your Blender render job can be as much as 80% lower than commercial render farms.

Awesome, I love to save money on my render jobs!

Not only that, but Brenda/AWS gives you the freedom to render the job as quickly as you need.

In a hurry to render out that 500 frame animation? You could (if you wanted) spin up 500 render nodes very easily and complete the animation in the time it takes to render 1 frame!

If Brenda is so great, as well as open source and freely available, why is the brendaPRO app necessary?

Brenda is extremely useful, but is currently a completely command line based application. That means all interaction with Brenda and your render job has to be accomplished through typing commands in your terminal or command line interface.

There is currently no front end GUI app for Brenda.


brendaPRO will help you:

Who is brendaPRO for?

Currently most users of the Brenda project are those who need more rendering power than their workstation or local network can provide, and are willing and able to pay for additional rendering power. They also want to reduce their rendering costs, and maintain control over the rendering process. These people, generally, are Freelance 3D Artists and Small 3D Studios.

brendaPRO aims to improve the user experience of Brenda and make it easier for people to use and manage.

What will brendaPRO cost?

brendaPRO will be a commercial app that will provide users with an extremely high value in job management and administration of Brenda render jobs. The release price for the app has not yet been finalized. Stay tuned to find out!

Who is developing and supporting brendaPRO?

The developer of the app is Todd McIntosh ( profile page), a long time Blender user, as well as freelance 3D artist and python developer. Todd has been involved with the Blender community for more than 7 years.

Projects of note by Todd include:

Ocean Sim Project - Responsible for initiating, organizing and running the "Save the Ocean Sim" fundraising project a few years back that resulted in the Ocean Modifier being added to Blender trunk (programming by Matt Ebb).

AutoMaps Blender Plugin - Developed a successful commercial Texture Group management plugin for Blender called AutoMaps, currently available on the CGCookie Market here.

brendaPRO User Forum
- Built and administrates the brendaPRO user forum, a site that assists other Brenda users and enthusiasts to install, setup and use the Brenda project to run their render jobs.


Sounds great, when can I get it?

The app is currently in development. A Beta release version of the app is estimated to be available in the fall of 2015. Sign up below and you'll be the first to know!

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